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We get hired by companies and institutions to

  • Hack into their systems and products;  
  • Break into their facilities
  • Be at their side in case of white-collar crime
  • Prevent - and in case of - industrial espionage
  • Provide  technologies  and mathematics for smarter data based and anticipating critical decisions.


 We always find a way 

to strengthen our customers' systems and infrastructure, products and strategic concepts. 

Our View of the World

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We provide the architecture and technology, the organizational concepts and tools to pro-actively secure your company from any threats, and your products, data, and valuables from any misuse and harm as well.

And, in case, everything goes worse our crisis response and forensics team will be at your side. 24/7/365.25  


Our Headquarter in Berlin

located at 


Uhlandstr. 179 / 180 

D-10623 Berlin


+49 (0) 30xxxxxx


is delighted if you get in touch with us and will coordinate one of our worldwide teams closest to you and your needs. 


If you may, you can also get in touch with us by



Line: +49 (0) 1577 45 1 45 71

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Geographical Distribution of Customers and Projects