Our pro bono publico Activities

Digital Humanities

Diganity.org - Philosophy and Technology for the Digital Humanities, esp. in for the 
History of Women in Philosophy and Science 
at Paderborn University's Department of Humanities & Applied Philosophy (Chair: Prof. Ruth Hagengruber). And the Du Châtelet Society.


Our contribution and support:

  • Infrastructure
  • Concepts & International Affairs
  • Cyber Security
  • Visualization
  • Lectures
  • Tools 

Legal Informatics

Together with Prof. Friedrich Lachmayer (Vienna) and Edition Weblaw (www.weblaw.ch) we are promoting legal informatics and data intelligence in law, legal theory and (computable) legal philosophy; organizing meetings and publications

Sofa Lab

The sofa laboratory - a place where youngsters out-talk philosophy, technology and, society.

Together with, and, at various universities and schools in Japan and Europe we promote computer science and mathematics at an early stage by using robots and the philosophical concepts of social maieutic.